All About Frieda and the Moon

People often ask - "why the unusual name?"  Well, we wanted a name that summed up the ethos of this unique Cornish hideaway — the sense of wonder that pervades special moments in the countryside — the canopy of stars in the deep black night sky; a buzzard gliding overhead; a sudden owl in the afternoon. In his poem Full Moon and Little Frieda, Ted Hughes beautifully captures the amazement of small moments: a small child, helping with the evening milking, suddenly sees the huge harvest moon rising over the fields...

We aim to set the scene for such never-to-be-forgotten experiences: the wonder and magic of the natural world, from a spiders web in the morning dew to the galaxies spiralling above in our amazing dark skies. To provide the ultimate Romantic Escape in The Tabernacle, and Observatory, and a completely unique "exquisite tiny venue" for small weddings and elopements; all in the unspoilt tranquility of our hidden valley in deepest Cornwall.


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